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(UIC:FFPQG0) (Los Angeles, CA) (CFC:WT7JLT). AFELM DIA (UIC:FFPQH0) (Los Angeles, CA) (CFC:0L50N6). AFELM DIA (UIC:FFPQJ0) (Los Angeles, CA) (CFC:EYXJHH). AFELM. The (US military) Unit Identification Code (UIC) is a six digit code which uniquely identifies every MTOE and TDA unit in the Army. BILLET P-CODE: BILLET UIC: TABLE # 1 - RELIGION AND CODES: RELIGION: CODE: BUDDHIST. B. CATHOLIC. C. ISLAMIST. I. JEWISH. J. MUHAMMADANISM. M. PROTESTANT. P. Navy unit identification codes list. What is your unit identification code (uic). Find a military member, veteran, retiree, or military facility. A. Then enter the corresponding six-digit CFC code in your online pledge profile or on your paper pledge form. (UIC:FFNGV0) (Barksdale AFB, LA) (CFC:2RNM6Y). 2.

Military Unit ID Code (UIC). 6, character, Optional Facility Command Codes. 2, Code, Description. 3, 1MEF, I Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command/. List of the local UIC. Navy NPS Students: Navy NPS Staff: Marine Corp NPS: H Marine Corp DLI Students: K9J. Marine Corp DLI Staff. Navy uics list. Search for this QR code and now download the app or check it in the app. The Save Identification Code (UIC) is a six-digit alphanumeric code. NAVY ENLISTED CLASSIFICATION AT UNIT IDENTIFICATION CODES , AND ONLY. ELIGIBLE UIC'S ARE AND (D) SD WHEN SERVING IN. Code) (2 Lines, 29 Characters each). 3. NUMBER OF DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED. 4. TRANSMITTAL NUMBER. Branch of. Service. Command Code. (Army & Navy). UIC/PAS Code/RUC -. Navy unit identification code (uic) listing. Usmc uic code list. Military uic codes. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the. The Unit Identification Code (UIC) is a six character alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies each United States Department of Defense entity. ) or e-mail at [email protected] Please CURRENT A DDRESS (Street, City, State, Zip Code) UIC (circle). FBI PRINTS. NAVAL SURFACE FORCES (COMNAVSURFOR) under UIC , Officer, Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach under UIC Index of Standard Navy Distribution Codes. Steve. Military Unit ID Code (UIC). 6, character, Optional Market/SSO Codes. 2, Code, Description. 3, 1MEF, I Marine Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command/. Navy. Space Force. Text Introduction. MilitaryINSTALLATIONS does not list every Naval Support Activity Annapolis - U.S. Naval Academy · Naval Support Activity.

How to read an active duty Navy. Leave 7 BRANCH: The branch of service, i.e., Navy, Army, Air Force. 62 PACIDN: The activity Unit Identification Code (UIC). Naval Air Station, Key West, FL N—3W. Naval Air Station (Code 60), Dallas, TX. N—FR. Commanding Officer (Code ), Naval Air. Station. I'm up for orders and am curious about UIC located in Washington DC. What's the easiest way to look up the command? Injury prevention and operational effectiveness. N-CODES: N9 FLEET & FAMILY READINESS (FFR). Page Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Employee Guide | 32 are the focus. Military Unit Identifier is commonly referred to as the Unit Identification Code (UIC) Reference Element: Navy Unit Identifier Code (UIC). Business Rules. LRP. Naval Correspondence Manual and Contemporary Navy Writing. Technical and Report Writing. Writing Skills Workshop. Lead vs. Manage there's a Difference. Other. The Unit Identification Code (UIC) is the number assigned to serve as a permanent identification of the ship or service craft for fiscal purposes by the Navy. Combatant commanders issue Navy-related orders to naval Responsible for, and has the authority under Title 10 of the United States Code Navy and of the Navy. UNIT IDENTIFICATION CODE. FIRST DIGIT: Navy = N. Army = W. MARINE CORP = M. AIR FORCE = F. AGENCY CODE. A Army. C Coast Guard. F Air Force. H Public Health.

(1) Navy and Marine Corps Trial Judiciary (UIC: A); Assistant Judge Advocate General, Chief Judge, Department of the Navy (Code 05). Codes within OJAG. Prior to the advent of the DoDAAC (circa ), the UIC was a five-digit code used for financial resources, readiness, and manpower. (b) The unit identification code (UIC) and the name of ship to which the DO is assigned. (c) The business day (date). (d) The disbursing station symbol. Note that many of the codes are available for lookup on the GTN. Navy, M = Marines All passengers associated with a UIC can be queried by selecting UIC as a. 1 Navy Platform - EMF November (). Naval Hospital. COMM: () 1 Boone Road Code 09NC. DSN: (dietitian). Bremerton, WA DSN.

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